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about us

We started in November 2019 as a pop-up concept.  Our vision was to bring thoughtfully crafted coffee to Lafayette and create an environment that brought people together.  Every Friday, we set up behind the bar at Spot Tavern and offered beverages ranging from our classic sweet potato latte to our spicy gin-gin sipping broth.  People sat up at the bar while they enjoyed their drinks and conversation as they engaged with old friends and met new people.

We didn't have an espresso machine when we started - and we definitely didn't have the money to buy one.  Before our pop-ups, we would heat up batches of oat milk and whole milk and keep them in airpots to use in lattes throughout the day.  Instead of using espresso, we would use an AeroPress to get a bold "shot" of coffee.  Because we knew we couldn't get any crazy good texture in our drinks, we relied heavily on flavor.  Our drink menu was made up of bold flavors that you couldn't get anywhere else. It worked. People loved them.

After COVID-19 hit us in March 2020, we decided to do cold brew pop-ups on the patio at Spot Tavern.  We offered plain cold brew (shaken, of course) and other flavored cold brews like our Lafayette Cold Brew which featured coconut milk, curry leaves, and lime.  These pop-ups were a hit while everything was shut down.  Other local businesses started to reach out to us to see if they could set-up their product or offer their services.  These pop-ups created this cool community of innovative and creative people who really captured the heart of Lafayette. 

On August 23rd, 2020 we opened up full-time inside Spot Tavern.  While we still focus on designing our menu with creative flavors, we did finally get that espresso machine. We are constantly switching up our espresso so that people can have access to all of the beautiful flavors that can be found in coffee.  Having a permanent set-up allows us to work with local entrepreneurs more often and help highlight the awesome work their bringing to our community.  We love how coffee can bring people together and the conversations that take place.  Stop by and join us for a cup.

Black and White Aeropress Eleventh House
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